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My Go To Remedy When Life’s Tough

My Go To Remedy When Life’s Tough

Hey there to you! I’ve had a rough couple of days, as we all do sometimes.   The thing is, it’s not the meltdown we need to worry about.  It’s what you do next that’s important.   I’m sure there are those that think that us (happiness and well being...

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My Personal Story Of Gratitude

When I set up the TrulyMadlyDeeply Happy website the intention was that it would be about connecting with you. But sometimes I'm going to indulge in a story about myself. I'll only ever do this if I think it  may give you food for thought, and help in some way. I’m...

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Sense of Purpose – 3 Tips

A warm hello to you!  Lost your way? Can’t work out what you’re meant to be doing on your journey through life? The good news is while you’re still breathing, it’s always possible to find something to make you wake up with a big ol’ smile on your dial:) We all need a...

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What to Do When Someone’s in Pain

I read this today in one of my Facebook Groups, love it, and thought I would pass it on to you.  J x   To  healers, therapists, friends, and lovers! When you sit with a friend in pain, when their world no longer makes sense; when confusion rages and no rest is to...

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3 Things You Can Do if You’re Feeling Undervalued

Hello lovely - greetings to you from sunny Sydney! We all have tests in our life, and mostly it’s because of the way that other people behave. If only they would:) Sometimes it’s not that they behave badly, maybe it’s just their lack of  loving attention towards you....

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3 Quick Tips to Help You Deal With Your Feelings

Hello there to you~ Todays post is short and sweet. But it has an important message: Feelings are meant to be felt. They’re not called ‘Blockings'. In my practice every week, I see the results of people not feeling their feelings. Here’s the news.  Your feelings are...

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7 Steps: How to Change and Why We Often Don’t

Hello to you! We all know the theory ... we’ve read the books. We’ve done the courses.  We’ve attended the seminars.  We declare in our minds that from now on we will CHANGE that thing that drives us crazy and yet ... we start to change with the greatest of intention,...

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Why Productive People get up at an Insane Hour

Hey there, So you’re not a morning person?  Keep reading, you might be tempted to change your habit of of pulling the covers over your head for that extra minute of sleepy bliss. I spent hours today devouring facts and figures about early risers.  This is what I...

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On the Couch Session 5

Here’s the latest ‘On the Couch’ chat with Alison Mohaghan and myself.  If you’re interested in EFT Tapping, have a listen in.This week we talk about how EFT is such a safe way to bring up the negatives in your life, and release them for once and for all.

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How to Mend a Broken Heart

I saw this ‘Buddha Doodle’ on Facebook today (thanks Molly) and it prompted me to write a piece on grief.  And broken hearts. And how our society’s got it so wrong when it comes to dealing with these issues. In my humble opinion:) Here’s the thing.  We have feelings....

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