Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Blast Away The 7 Most Common Human Fears!

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

7 Life-Changing EFT Tapping Scripts To Blast Away The 7 Most Common Human Fears

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an elegant little technique that you can easily learn and apply. It releases old thinking habits, so you can embrace a new way of being. Sometimes the simplest things make all the difference. 

Who is this for?

If any of these issues resonate with you, then this book can really help you.

  • Script #1 Fear That I’m Not Good Enough
  • Script #2 Fear of the Future: Money
  • Script #3 Fear That My Dreams Are Fading
  • Script #4 Fear of Not Belonging
  • Script #5 Fear That I Can’t Change
  • Script #6 Fear of Rejection
  • Script #7 Fear of Success 

Always here to help, 

With love, 

Julie Zommers, Happiness Warrior


Love, love, loved this book, fantastic read.


Canberra, Australia

This book has really helped me overcome they shyness that has stopped me from speaking up all of my life.  Thank you so much Julie.


New York, USA

I wish I’d read this book years ago, it’s packed with so many easy practical suggestions!


Sydney, Australia

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