Let’s have a look today at how we can change our lives through our imaginations.

Our imaginations are powerful things.

But perhaps the most common misuse of imagination is focusing on what you DON’T want for yourself.

As an EFT Tapping/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner I always start by asking a new client what they’d like their life to look like after we’ve worked together.

99% of the time the reply will begin with, ‘Well I don’t want ….’

So after they’ve talked for a while, I smile and say, ‘that’s what you don’t want it to look like, now can you tell me what you do want it to look like :)’

We are so accustomed to focusing on what we don’t want, and what we’re unhappy with, that we are totally unaware that our goals are stated in the negative.

No judgement here!   But its good to be aware that your mind hears only the main words, so if the thoughts tracking through your mind have the words: ‘bad relationship’, ‘debt’, ‘sickness’, ‘abuse’, ‘bullying’, ‘poor’, ‘unfulfilled’, ‘awful job’, ‘lonely’, then that’s what your mind will focus on, and that’s what you’ll get more of.  That’s not surmising. It’s fact.

By simply positively reframing in your mind what you want to do/be and have, it will change your life dramatically.

So instead of thinking ‘I don’t want to be in debt’, it’s better to say,  ‘I’d like to have all the money I need to feel safe and do the things I love.’

From this moment, try and catch your thoughts when they’re being stated in the negative form, and choose a more positive statement for your mind to focus on. Try it for just a week to start, and let me know how you go!   Here’s another example: Instead of ‘I hate my job, it’s so unfulfilling’, try, ‘I am grateful for this job as a stepping stone to the job I know I am going to have and love.’  And instead of ‘I don’t want to be so unconfident’, change that one to, ‘I want to be content and comfortable in my own skin!’.

And remember this:

Our imaginations are powerful beyond measure.

And it all starts with our thoughts.

Because thoughts create actions.

And actions magnetise to us whatever we need, because our mind wants to complete the picture that we focus on.

It’s like the mind is your architect, we give it the blueprint (thoughts) and it starts beavering away to create the construction (your life).

This idea used to freak me out a little, because I thought, ‘what if all of those things I worry about come true.’

My answer to that is this:  we all have negative thoughts.  It’s a matter of flooding them out with more positive. As long as the positive is winning, you’re doing ok.  No human being on the planet gets it right all of the time.  It’s a matter of getting a positive ‘default’, if you like.

For anyone still doubting the power of our imaginations, cast your mind back…

Do you remember the last day that you woke up feeling lousy, ready to snap at anyone, being frustrated with a situation or  your life in general?  Chances are your mind kept fulfilling that message all day: ‘she think life sucks, I’d better fulfil that picture for her then.’ I bet you had a crappy day.

But when you think about the last time you were truly happy, and you woke up with a smile on your face and a spring in your step, did you magnetise happy people to you? Did things seem to work out that day, just a little more than usual?   Did life seem just that little easier? Was your faith renewed in life?  Did it continue to the next day?  Chances are that the answers ‘yes’, because your mind will always fulfil what you focus on the most.

Have fun with this, always here to help, and remember, any change in your thinking, no matter how small, goes towards changing your life.

With love,

Julie Zommers, Happiness Warrior

About Julie Zommers

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Re-imprinting Transformational Practitioner, Workshop Presenter & Published Author. TrulyMadlyDeeplyHappy.com
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