‘They’ say that every blog post should be solving a problem for your tribe.

I disagree.  Sometimes I just want to know what you think. And so …

I was talking to my sister, El Bailey last night. I’m in Sydney, El’s in the UK.

Mostly we just dribble on with inane chatter that sisters talk about, what we’ve been doing, recipes, projects in the pipeline, what’s happening with the family. Sounds ordinary, but I’m grateful that I have not only this sister, but the other two, sharing our lives.  Anyway, I digress.  Last night El and I  got onto religion, don’t quite know how that happened.

For any siblings reading this, this is not personal. You know I love you. It’s a viewpoint. I’m trying to get to know my tribe.  I want to know what works for them. Religion, spiritualism, painting, walks at the beach …

My family is an eclectic lot. There’s five of us, varied in our beliefs: Born Again Christians, one who spent 15 years as a Missionary. Then there’s the total atheists and finally, me. I don’t know what category I fit into and it doesn’t matter.

Does religion separate us?

Personally, I think yes.  I believe that it is enough to love yourself and everyone around you, and tap into whatever guidance and wisdom that helps you to do just that. I believe that everyone can connect to this in their own way. I have no problem with whatever God or dogma people choose to follow that works for them.  What I struggle with is the EXCLUSION POLICY that many belief systems have.  If you’re not one of us you’re in s*** street. Really?  Why?

We live in a diverse world. No one is ever going to agree, but seriously, can’t we just leave it up to the individual to find a way to show up in the world as a loving human being? Using our gifts, and loving those around us? Isn’t that what it’s all about in our time here on the planet? Is this too simplistic? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

My experience with some people that I know, as well as clients, is that often, they are filled with FEAR. They truly believe that there is a guy with a white beard in the sky that is going to cast them to hell if they don’t measure up. I’m taking the Christian religion here as an example, and not all Christians are the same. I don’t wish to offend. But I know that many people still embrace this belief, and what a waste of a beautiful life to live in fear.  How does this fear serve them in any way?

Call me simple, but I think that the most powerful potent force of life  is LOVE, not fear. And what, I wonder, would happen to our world, if everyone operated from this simple premise.

Anyway, rambling now… here’s what El sent me after our chat which I thought I’d share with you:

Take a group of children, each of whom come from the homes of either Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu. Give them no religious instruction but instead raise them in a secular and loving environment. They will grow up liking each other (or not) based on their individual personalities and behaviours. They will not have a preconceived idea of what the others think and believe. They will be able to decide who they like based solely on their connection to them. They will be free to love whomever they choose without threat of punishment or disapproval.

And when they grow up they will be able to choose to explore their own spiritual path their own way without the burden of expectation and the conditioning of indoctrination.

A person cannot easily establish their own belief system if someone else’s is already embedded in their minds.

Food for thought.  I’d love to hear your responses. Please comment below and tell me what works for you? How do you connect with that deep wisdom and guidance that we all need?

Love as always,

Julie Zommers, Happiness Warrior

Artwork is by Amanda Cass & you can see her portfolio at http://www.redbubble.com/people/theartoflove/works/6031189-leap-of-faith


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