Is it a quick fix?

These words could be read many ways.

By ‘quick’, yes EFT can often get rid of a lifelong phobia in one session. e.g. fear of water, (I speak from experience as a therapist, 1 hour to get rid of a 35 year old fear of water.)

Frequently it takes longer: weeks or months.  But by comparison with years on a ‘couch’, yes, it’s quick! When I say this, I have the greatest respect for any human being who has chosen a profession solely focused on helping people heal from pain.  So, my comments are my beliefs, and not meant to harm anyone, or disrespect their profession.

As for the ‘fix’ bit, we actually don’t need fixing.  We’re fine just as we are, right now. I can hear you saying,’no I’m not’, but the thing is, we can either resist what’s happening in our lives, or use where we are as a starting point to launch from. It’s the resistance that get’s in the way.  That’s exactly what EFT is all about, tapping out the resistance so we love ourselves, lock stock and barrel, right now, just as we are, full of anxiety or not, and then we can start working on the healing.

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