Why does the setup focus on the negative?

I love this question. This is a little bit about me: I was raised to be stoic. i.e. ‘put a smile on your dial and get on with it.’ No matter what!  ‘Your dog died…he’s gone to heaven, now let’s get busy with some distraction technique :-), ‘the kids at school are being mean: walk away.’ ‘There’s a monster under my bed: monsters don’t live in this neighbourhood, now go to sleep darling.’ And I had really loving parents, they were probably just handling things the same way as their parents did.

The point is, these things stay inside. What I mean by that, is that it is so important to acknowledge the problem, instead of dismissing it. You know that feeling where you’re telling someone how you’re feeling, and they say, ‘you’ll be ok, you’ve just got to……’. Somehow, you feel as though you shouldn’t really feel that way, and you should just get on with it. This starts from a young age.

By ‘addressing the negative’ you acknowledge your feelings, and accept that they are YOURS. You have your reasons for feeling this way!

So, back to the question: focusing on the negative is just focusing on what’s upsetting you.  It’s not necessarily negative, it’s just how you’re feeling right then, and accepting it. Mostly we resist uncomfortable feelings. We push them aside. But they have a voice, and they want to be heard.

This is where tapping is so brilliant. It provides an opportunity for accepting what ‘is’ right now, acknowledging your feelings around that, tapping, and then releasing all that energy.

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