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Hello ~ hope you’re good!

I thought I’d talk about ‘value’ today.

I think sometimes, that it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re less valuable as you get older, for several reasons.

Roles in your life have changed. It may be perceived that you are needed less.  Looks have changed : the svelte body and smooth skin may be looking a little different  these days, (but hey! we’ve earned those smile lines).  Some dreams may have faded.  And sometimes disillusionment may have set in:  ‘What happened to my life that was supposed to be so perfect? What happened my script?’

My sister came to stay this weekend and we were philosophising about this over breakfast, and she told me that this is what she uses when she is addressing an audience, to demonstrate how our value is intrinsic and never changes.  Maggie has spoken internationally over the last 15 years. This is what she said:

Think of two  $100 bills.  One is crisp, in great condition and new!

The second has been though the mill.  It’s been crushed, crumpled, torn, possibly trodden on, had many encounters with many different people, and it certainly doesn’t look new.

But do you know what, those two bills still have the exact same value.  Human beings are the same. The value that was there when they were created always remains the same.

Thanks to my wise Maggie for sharing this simple analogy which I think paints such a clear picture.

Our value is always there, under all of the layers of fiction that we make up about ourselves, on a day to day basis.  It’s time to use our imaginations in a different way.

We (yes, me too!) often buy into the limiting self beliefs that we have ‘grown into’.  What do I mean by this?

Well, if someone told you when you were five years old that you are kind, guess what?  The chances are you are going to act kindly in the next situation where you have an opportunity to put this into practice.  And after you practice this, you are going to become kind.

Likewise, if someone says you’re a lazy little piece of works, guess what.  You’re going to act it out. At every opportunity you get.  You’re subconscious mind will say: ‘What will I do in this situation, oh that’s right, I’m lazy.  Better be lazy then!’ And that behaviour will create pathways in your brain that become strengthened, and you are going to become lazy.

You could apply this to any trait that you could think of:  incompetent, not good enough, dumb, stupid, slow, cranky, quiet, shy, underserving, not creative … all those labels that have been sometimes said innocently in passing, and sometimes attributed to us with an intention that we’ll never understand.

Needless to say, we have grabbed these allocated traits with both hands and made them our truth.

They’ve got nothing to do with our value. Our value as a human being cannot, and will not ever change. That essence of who we are is indestructible.

How liberating it is to really take this on board:  that as much as we’ve bought into who we are, with our set of personality traits and behaviours, there is a brilliant opportunity to discard anything that holds you back, and embrace whatever traits you would like.  e.g. ‘I’ve got no confidence’, can be changed into ‘I am quietly confident’, and then ‘I am bursting with happiness and confidence’.  I’ve seen it in my Practice.

The power of suggestion is amazing. And documented. It’s documented in your life!  You’ve done it before, (as described in the ‘lazy’ scenario), so you know you can do it again, but this time you get to choose your own words.

I’ll be posting a great Tapping Script in the site this week, to get you started with ditching those old limiting self beliefs.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what you’ve ‘bought into’ in your life.  What traits are you still hanging onto that get in your way? Please comment below, I love hearing from you, and share this with a friend if you think they’re doubting their value right now!

Speak soon,

Always here to help, 

Julie Zommers, Happiness Warrior


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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Re-imprinting Transformational Practitioner, Workshop Presenter & Published Author.
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