julie funky smallHello to all,

People talk all the time about getting the ‘right image’ for their brand. So I’ve really looked at this.

My decision: I want the ‘essence’ of my TrulyMadlyDeeply Happy brand to be upbeat/positive, compassionate and loving.

And dare I say it, ‘funky’.

Because I’m in the ‘healing’ industry , and by that I mean, healing old wounds that get in the way of present happiness, it may seem glib to put the words ‘upbeat and positive’ in that brand description.

And as for ‘funky’… it could be looked upon as a downright insult.

‘You don’t understand the seriousness of my pain’, many may shriek…. how dare you think healing is FUNKY!!!

But the way I look at that is this. We have a model in our society that says that emotional healing has to be serious and fraught with  pain. Modern energy medicine says different.

EFT is one branch of energy healing. It’s the tool I use to help people get free of the old cloaks of pain that often they’ve carried around for years.

There are techniques with EFT where the client doesn’t even have to speak about their trauma. Because some people just can’t. This modern healing technique is truly innovative in this way ~ and I have used this approach frequently, with great results.

‘Believe it or Not’, as Ripley said.

I do.

Because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Many,many times.

People with trauma that has had so much power over their present lives, simply cannot access their bad feelings around the trauma anymore after a session or two.

How’s that for funky 🙂

Before you run from this post, with arms flailing in the air because you think I’m a crazy woman, stop right there. This technique is used by practitioners all over the world. My counsellor sister now tells patients that this is the technique she uses, because she finds it the fastest, least painless and most effective way to work. She is no longer tentative about using it in case people think she is ‘out there’.  She now find that the most resistant clients are quickly converted when they witness the changes in themselves.

I have never met anyone who’s ‘old pain’ serves them in any way. It sits there festering, and gets in the way of the lives that we are truly deserving of HAPPINESS!

What a foreign concept to most of us living in a world where money comes ahead of love on most people’s lists.

Have you looked around lately and noticed who is truly happy? I mean, truly, ‘want to jump out of bed in the morning, full of the love of life happy’!

Anyway, I digress. Let’s get back to that funky word again …

I have met and worked with many wonderful people who have decided to work with EFT to ‘take off the bandaid, get rid of the infection, add develop beautiful new skin instead of old scars’.

And we’ve had a funky time doing it. All within a loving, compassionate safe space. Tears? Yes! Lots of tears? Sometimes.  Laughter? ABSOLUTELY. Yes indeed. Healing can be funky.

My interpretation of funky? The KEY to FUN. O.K. I know that’s a bit corny, but hey, we’ve all got our little idiosyncrasies.

So, funky it is!  J x



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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Re-imprinting Transformational Practitioner, Workshop Presenter & Published Author. TrulyMadlyDeeplyHappy.com
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