A warm hello to you,

Do you ever shy away from therapy because you think the practitioner will judge you?

Are you scared of therapy?

Do you think it will uncover how ‘unfixable’ you really are?

Will it deliver the bad news that you are perhaps, mad?

That the practitioner may think you’re ‘stupid’ because of the mess you’ve got yourself into?

That it’s all TOO LATE?

That this is ‘your lot’, it’s the family genes?

You’re absolutely not alone.

One of the greatest fears that clients share with me when they trust me enough to be honest, is that they put off taking a step to have a session with me, because they didn’t want to be judged in a way that would make them feel even worse than they already felt. To stay in pain rather than to become vulnerable in front of someone else was preferable. It’s funny isn’t it. But I totally understand, I’ve done it myself.

So let’s clear up a few things:

I cannot speak for all therapists, but I’ll say this. The ones I know have a plethora of experience that have made them feel ridiculous:) We all do what we do because we truly want to help by using both our personal experience, which gives us COMPASSION combined with our professional experience, which gives us TOOLS to pass on to you. And the thing about EFT tapping, is that once you’ve learned it, it’s yours to use forever.

I always come from a place of love with clients.

Who am I to judge? You should see my history:) I’ve made some doozy choices which have cost me dearly. I’ve looked back and thought to myself, ‘what could I have been thinking.’ Especially when I’ve repeated the same behaviour time and time again.

In my mind, lessons keep presenting themselves to us until we learn that particular lesson. We’re fast learners sometimes, we say ‘I WILL NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN’ and we don’t.

And we’re also SLOW LEARNERS sometimes. Like when you do something that makes you feel badsad, say ‘I WILL NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN’, but you do 🙂 Over and over and over.

Interesting, and oh so human.

So, for THOSE lessons that keep cycling through your life, creating pain for you, you need a helping hand.

EFT tapping isn’t the only therapy out there by a long way, but the reason I use it in my Sydney practice is that it is, in my experience, the fastest and least painful way to finally give that thing the ‘flick’ that has been marring your God given right to happiness while you’re here on the planet. It’s extraordinary in it’s simple elegance, and believe it or not, there’s usually a lot of laughter in my sessions because my clients are so astounded at how quickly they can feel good, and often comment, ‘I don’t know why I waited so long’.

So if you’re holding back because you think you’ll be declared ‘unfixable’, a ‘lost cause’, you’ve ‘left it too long’, it’s ‘all your fault anyway’, and the best one of all, ‘I’m ok, there’s a lot of other people worse off than me, I’ll just get on with it’, then think again.

You are absolutely worth it. And the choice, as always, is yours.

Have no fear! Julie’s here:) This is what I do. I help you reveal your beautiful self, that’s already there, inside, ready and waiting to have fun and enjoy life.  

So when you’re ready, CLICK HERE where you can see how other’s have been helped, and maybe, just maybe, it’s your turn.

With love,

Julie Zommers, Happiness Warrior

About Julie Zommers

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Re-imprinting Transformational Practitioner, Workshop Presenter & Published Author. TrulyMadlyDeeplyHappy.com
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