Have you ever wondered how some people manage to take a leap of faith?

That leap of faith that is needed in order to truly change your life so you’re showing up as the person you want to be each day? And have the life you would LOVE?

I just spent a glorious weekend at the ‘I Can Do It’  Hay House event in Sydney, listening to stories (both onstage and offstage).

What ‘blew me away’ was the number of incredible people I spoke to who were holding back in their lives because of fear.

What also ‘blew me away’ was that the people who were onstage, also spoke of their fear and offered a solution so simple, that I wondered why I and the other thousands of people there, just didn’t do it.

I have to say, that the last couple of years, I really HAVE tried to walk my talk. But to be honest, is the faith there 100%?

It’s probably on 75% most days, and some days goes down to a zero, where I truly ask myself what I’m doing.

What all of the presenters had in common were this fact:

  • at some point they decided to surrender to that thing that they wanted to do, the ‘knocking on the door’, as I call it (Have you read my post : ‘The Great Deciding’ )
  • they connected to their ‘higher self’, through whatever means worked for them: meditation, prayer, silence, walks in nature, yoga … anything that ‘plugged them in to the POWER POINT that we all have access to, if we want to:  that infinite, unlimited field of energy that created us.   Sounding a little woo-woo for you ? Let’s continue anyway – these guys have all done it so it’s worth listening to them
  • they trusted that somehow they would be safe, (leap of faith) and allowed themselves to receive everything that they needed to do what they knew they should be doing.
  • then they JUST DID IT.  The right people showed up for them, money came for them, and bob was absolutely their uncle.

The fact is that most people put all of their focus on the external world.  And most people don’t change. The true power is in the ‘field’ as scientists call it: that unlimited, field of energy, from whence we came.

Breaking it down a little, those people on stage, walking their talk, did this:

  1. changed their thoughts (the language of the mind)
  2. and changed their feelings (the language of the body) (e.g. what would it feel like to get up each day and do this? How would it feel?)
  3. which led to changing their actions
  4. which led to changing their behaviour
  5. which led to new experiences
  6. which created new feelings
  7. which changed the wiring of their brain
  8. which reinforced their new thinking
  9. which led to a new state of being
  10. which led the joy of doing what they love

That’s what all of these amazing teachers from the weekend had in common, they took a leap of faith and JUST DID IT.

Dr Wayne Dyer said a really interesting thing this weekend. He said that when we’re in the womb, we’re not saying ‘hey my nose isn’t growing yet, how can I get this happening’, because we don’t have to worry because it’s all being created for us. And when we’re born, it’s like we say to that ‘Creator’: It’s OK, I’ll be taking over from now on, and we shut that amazing power out.   I don’t know about you, but I’m letting it in big time from now on. Ready to join the party ?

What is that thing that has been ‘knocking on your door’.  Is it time to let it in?  Because if it’s still knocking, it’s been given to YOU.

I’d love to hear from you! Hop over to the Facebook page and say hi to me 🙂 I love to connect.

I’ll be sharing loads more from this weekend, it was enlightening.

Love for a great week,

Julie Zommers, Happiness Warrior




Artwork is by Amanda Cass & you can see her portfolio at http://www.redbubble.com/people/theartoflove/works/6031189-leap-of-faith

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