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The Emotional Freedom Techniques is a simple and easy to learn process. Get ready for your life to change. This little tool packs a punch. You can teach yourself EFT tapping with this simple guide, J

STEP 1: Familiarise Yourself With the Tapping Points 

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1. Side of the Hand: in the middle of the fleshy bit between the bottom of your little finger and your wrist, just where you’d do a karate chop.

2. Top of the Head: the part of your head that points to the ceiling.

The next three points are around the socket of your eye:

3. Eyebrow point: on the edge of one of your eyebrows, just above your nose.

4. Side of the eye: on the bone at the outer corner your eye (not your temple, that’s too far out)

5. Under the eye: on the bone under your eye

Now, work your way down your face:

6. Under your nose

7. Under your lip, in the ‘dent’

Now, moving onto your torso:

8. Collarbone Point: directly under your collarbone near your windpipe

9. Under the arm: in line with your nipple for men, and where your bra line is, for women.

Then finally,

10. The Wrist Point: the inside of your wrist

STEP 2:  Read this easy flower guide, then use the example EFT session below to help step you through your first session.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 8.39.31 AM


HERE’S A SAMPLE of a tapping session …. put your own words in, to replace mine.

1. THE PAIN: My boss said ‘Why are you asking me this- Shouldn’t you know?’ and it made me feel stupid. (What is your pain?)

2. THE INTENSITY: This is causing me a lot of anxiety, and I’m preoccupied with it, so I’m giving it a ‘9’ Level (What’s your level?)

3. THE SET-UP STATEMENT: Even though my boss said ‘Why are you asking me this- shouldn’t you know?’ and it made me feel stupid, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  Say that three times while tapping on the Karate Chop Point (this is also known as the ‘Side of the Hand’).

Set-Up Statement Explained …

This statement is simple.  And in two parts.

First of all say ‘Even Though’ and then state the problem:

Even though ……….(e.g. My boss spoke to me sharply, and I’m feeling anxious about being good enough at my job)

Second, add these words:

‘I deeply and completely love and accept myself’.   If you have a tough time saying that, here’s a few other suggestions :

I am still a good person, trying my best

I am still a good woman/person

I am still O.K.

(What is your set-up statement?)


Top of the head: She spoke to me like that

Eyebrow Point: I don’t deserve it

Side of the Eye: I can’t believe she spoke to me like that

Under the Eye: I feel so bad, like she doesn’t respect me

Under the Nose: It made me feel dumb

Under the Lip: It made me feel unloved

Collarbone Point: All of these feelings that make me feel bad

Under the Arm: She made me feel stupid

Inner Wrist: Maybe I’m not good at this job

Reminder Phrases explained:

These are phrases that you say that keep you tuned into your problem while you tap around the points.

5. CHECKING BACK IN WITH YOUR FEELINGS:  I’m thinking of that situation again, where my boss spoke to me like that, and now it’s at an intensity of 6.  And now I actually feel quite angry at her.

This is what you would tap on next …. ‘even though I feel angry that my boss spoke that way to me etc.’

RINSE, LATHER AND REPEAT as many times as you need to until there is no feeling left around the problem.

BONUS VIDEOS: Watch these 2 bonus videos to learn visually how to use EFT Tapping.

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Always here to help,

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