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Julie Zommers, Happiness Warrior

A Journey of Self Discovery


From the age of three I realised that life wasn’t going to be easy. I grew up in a family that were not conventional. I was adopted in the late 60’s and a different race from my upper middle class family. It was tough enough having to put up with constant school bullying let alone the bullying from my own family. I had very little self-confidence and low self esteem and I carried this baggage with me for forty years.

Some may call me ‘Jack of all trades’. I scrubbed floors as a teenager for extra cash, played in a professional orchestra as a Cellist for fourteen years. I became a life coach, NLP practitioner, mother and wife so life has been varied! But, no matter what I did or had, I still felt there was something missing and the void of unhappiness in the pit of my stomach was always present.

Are you one of those people that others come to for advice but find it hard to follow your own advice?

This happened to me time and time again until I decided to get a coach for myself. It was the major breakthrough I had been looking for. In my first session I was told I wanted to die! Well how about that for boosting self-esteem?

I really struggled with this but carried on determined to find answers. After the fourth session I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea. For the first time in my life I didn’t discard it, I put it in motion, took action and the results have been spectacular!


The Idea

I wrote my first children’s book, The Magic of Tumdrum, Ronnie’s Wish, which will be in all good bookstores at the beginning of December 2013. I then went on to publish my ‘Goodnight Sleep Tight Stories’ online. I write a new story everyday on my website. These stories are for children with a hint of inspiration or moral attached. They are also based on other children’s experiences with a possible hint of my own childhood. Personalised stories where children can decide to be the main character or choose what sort of story they would like are also published online. When a child sees his or her name in a story it can have a magical effect.

I have had some lovely comments from parents who have said that these stories have helped their children open up and find a way to deal with their own challenges. I am also having my first novel published in 2014 about mixed race adoption, which is terribly exciting. I must give credit to my husband and two children who have encouraged me every step of the way.

“Can I now say I have found happiness and have learned to love myself?”  Undoubtedly yes! Life has thrown ‘sticks and stones’ but I have learned that ‘words’ will never hurt me. Words of others are opinions based on their own perceptions but they do not have to be yours. There is no bigger prison than worrying about what others think of you.

Take action and inspiration will flow. Take no action and you’ll never know…

Angelica x


Angelica YoungAngelica Galea Young is a freelance writer and children’s author. She is also a professional Cellist and therapist. Her online two-minute inspirational stories for children are published daily with an aim to keep the wonder of reading alive.  She lives in Oxford, UK with her husband, two children, two dogs and a cat. Her latest project is novel on mixed race adoption that will be published next year 2014.

Here are Angelica’s links so you can visit her wonderful site and Facebook page. J x

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